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Watch this video to hear what our students and parents have to say about their experience working with Kimberley.

With Kimberley Locke, an American Idol® star, at the helm of I AM Entertainment, it’s no surprise that one of our key goals is to help nurture and develop the talents of aspiring singers.

Whether you’re a parent with a talented child you want to steer in the right direction, a young adult wanting to pursue a career in music, or someone who wants to improve their vocal/performing abilities, our masterclass is perfect for anyone who is serious about developing their vocal talents. As one of our students, you’ll get one-on-one coaching with Kimberley, focusing on the key areas of confidence, vocal fundamentals, live performance, and sessions at a state-of-the-art recording studio. We also train you (and your parents!) to understand the mechanics of working in the music/entertainment industry so you’re fully prepared for what to expect in your new career.

We also offer partnering opportunities to acting and dance studio training programs. If you own an acting or dance studio and believe our 8-week masterclass could benefit your students, we would love to partner with you.

In-Studio Sessions Available

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In-person course sessions are currently being offered in New York and Connecticut. Skype sessions are available outside of these areas.  In-home lessons available for additional fee.


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*   In-studio sessions will have additional fees. Contact for full details.

Kimberley has helped me so much. She’s helped me with my auditions—because I get very nervous during auditions—and she’s helped me boost my confidence. My singing before taking vocal classes with Kimberley was… umm… I guess we could say awful! My singing today has improved so much.



Kimberley is very hands-on with the parents. She tells us when we need to chill out—she tells us it’s ok, that our kids are doing great—what we need to work on at home and between classes. She really is very approachable, very friendly, down-to-earth. She’s made us all feel like we’re all best friends.



The masterclass has instilled so much confidence in their singing abilities. They’re more comfortable going on stage now, they’re comfortable singing in front of people… She really brought out their strengths.