Kimberley Locke speaks at G3 conference

March 7, 2017

Kimberley Locke, president/CEO of I AM Entertainment, life coach, and chart-topping singer, is excited to be speaking at the G3 conference in Sonoma, California, tomorrow. G3 is a curated boutique conference which invites women to “Gather, Grow & Go” by sharing stories and journeys, relying on one another’s wisdom, and having fun together. Kimberley will be speaking about her own journey in self image and body awareness in her conference session, entitled “What’s Really Weighing You Down”.

Kimberley began her journey to better health through food in 2005 when she joined the cast of Celebrity Fit Club. She says, “Being on Celebrity Fit Club forced me to become aware of my food choices and boy was it eye-opening! I learned very quickly that the scale does not lie, especially on the cheat days I rewarded myself with. This is when I really began to learn about MY body, and that my body was unique to me—and what worked for me may not work for someone else. And that’s okay.” Kimberley lost 25 lbs on Celebrity Fit Club, and gained life-changing insights into health and wellness.

Then, Kimberley’s music career took her on tour, where she joined the Jenny Craig weight management program. “Eating out of a box was my new norm…and this got old pretty quickly. You’re talking to someone who loved eating out and now I was confined to a hotel room with boxed food! I lost another 15lb but what I also lost was the joy of food itself,” says Kimberley. This was also a valuable lesson learned and it forced her to refocus her energies on how to achieve good health and wellness in a more enjoyable way.

Since then, Kimberley’s healthy relationship with food has gone from strength to strength. She’s launched a cooking segment on her own YouTube channel called “What’s Cooking With Kimberley”, where she offers her own tips and tutorials for preparing healthy snacks and nutritious meals. She also supports local businesses by collaborating with local food vendors and using locally-produced fresh foods.

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