PRESS RELEASE: American Idol Fan Favorite Kimberley Locke Returns With a Stand-out Cover of “Dangerous Woman” by Ariana Grande

March 7, 2017

(New York, New York)Kimberley Locke fans rejoice as the powerhouse vocalist releases her latest track, a transformative cover of Ariana Grande’s “Dangerous Woman”.  Listen here. The track was produced by Bond Villain and is available today on all DSPs.

“The song was chosen based upon the lyrics and the vibe,” Locke says. “It’s a powerful song and Ariana Grande did a great job, but my vocal style is completely different and I thought I could bring my own version of a very real, grown woman performance to it. For me, it feels like uncharted territory, as this is a style that I have not dabbled in…and I like it.”

Earlier this year Kimberley took part in American Idol’s series finale show to sing her hit single “8th World Wonder”. Following, Locke has released a series of renditions including Gloria Gaynor’s iconic “I Will Survive”. Perez Hilton praised Locke for “[turning] the upbeat dance track into a beautiful ballad, and it’s giving us a serious case of the chills!”.

A true entrepreneur, Kimberley Locke has founded I AM Entertainment, an entertainment company that focuses on Kimberley’s rising health and wellness career, thriving musical career, and vocal coaching career. Watch “What’s Cooking With Kimberley” for health and wellness tips & tutorials on her YouTube account. Through I Am Entertainment, Kimberley Locke acts as a consultant for aspiring artists, providing the help they need to navigate the music industry from a business perspective and creative perspective. In fact, Bond Villain (the producer of the track) is signed to a production deal under I Am Entertainment.


“Kimberley is back and she’s making it known that she’s a force to be reckoned with on a dramatic cover of ‘Dangerous Woman”.